What separates our family of companies from the rest?

Here are the top reasons for you to join our team:

  • We have the best benefits in the industry - including 401k Match, Paid Vacation & Life Insurance
  • No need to put any extra miles or ware & tare on your own personal vehicle!
  • Earning Potential! Excellent commission plus gratuities & volume
  • Part Time or Full Time positions available
  • FLEXIBLE schedule - Set you own schedule! Part time drivers can pick any two days - consecutive or split. You can also volunteer for any additional days.
  • Upon a year of full time employment drivers are eligible to receive SAFETY & END OF YEAR BONUSES!
  • Work for a reputable Las Vegas, NV company and leader in the industry - operating since 1943 for taxis! Then Bell was established in 1970 for limo services.
  • Taxi cab pass credit card machines in our taxis - All our vehicles are equipped with debit/ credit card machines.

Consider us before you sign up with a mobile-application driver company!

  • Avoid using your own vehicle - upkeep and miles add up
  • Actual earnings with app driver roles is less than advertised after own expenses, insurance, and gas
  • Have the option of earning benefits
  • Avoid being associated with bad national press and allegations